Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

Contoh memperkenalkan diri dengan bahasa inggris

hai,,,all my friend’s, my name is tri ayu ambar wati now I’m 18 years old.i’m schooling in muhamadiyah high school in batam , I come from indigent family and my father is working be a field hand and he has a little salary.
in my family I have 1 brother and 2 sister’s,and before we are living in batam the condition of my family is really bad and we are just living with less money but now we are really thank’s to allah because after we living in batam the condition of my family begin to better than before although not too many.not just it I really proud of my family however we live with underprivileged we always willing to do anything In our live because we know allah will always give all the best to slave

my paerent’s is something important in my life and now I have paerent’s is really care of me and they also love me, besides I have a brother and sister’s who always support of me they are suparmadi is the first broher and rullyandi the second sister and last month my family got a new family she is annisa ramadhan ,my new sister’s. but in all my pray’s I,m always request to allah to make my family always be happy family and I don’t know what’s will happen to me if they gone.

and just one my wish I just hope one day I can make they happy ,to give back what ever they give to me in all my life ,to give back mother milk water is ever I drunk before but I know it’s really imposible but I always try to make they happy and proud of me.
schooling is my activity is aways I do everyday beside I have a lot of activity in my house like wash saucer,clean my house,cook, and take care of my sister’s etc…and you have to know that everything I do with willing and smile and it’s all is my thank’s to god.

meanwhile in th school I have many frien’s and they always take cara of me and always make me better and I really love them,,,not only than I also have a cute teaher who always take of us.

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